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Simply Lit Fire Pots

*The Sasquatch 2 Piece SET

*The Sasquatch 2 Piece SET

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The Sasquatch 2 piece SET comes with The Sasquatch fire pot and the standard lid

The Sasquatch is our largest fire pot. It is great for an outdoor seating area for multiple people. Its substantial size adds an artistic flair to any setting.

Each fire pot is unique in its own special way as they are each handmade by us. The Sasquatch, on average, is 5" tall by 8" wide and weighs 14 pounds+/-

Our company is called "Simply Lit Fire Pots" because the only supplies you need to instantly have a fire to enjoy is our Simply Lit concrete tabletop fire pot and 91% isopropyl alcohol. Fill with the desired amount of alcohol, light and you are ready to enjoy the warm glow of a fire! 

*Standard concrete lid as shown in picture is sold separately. It is a great addition to snuff out the fire or to keep the center reservoir clean and ready for the next use.  "The 


Our fire pots are handcrafted with rock, sand and water to create a perfectly uniquefire pot that brings lightand warmth into your life.

Shipping & Returns

All sales are final as these are custom pieces, but if you should have an issue, please let us know


Please see item details for each pot dimensions.

Care Instructions

If you feel that your fire pot is needing a refresh, simply grab an old dish sponge and a few drops of dish soap and wash under warm water.

When temperatures are below freezing, you might experience trouble lighting your fire pot. Simply store inside when not in use during freezing cold weather so it's ready to use.

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  • Don't Forget The Lid!

    Our standard lid can be used on either "The Phoenix" or "The Sasquatch". The lid is made of solid concrete and is a helpful addition if you need to snuff out the fire or if your fire pot is stored outside to keep the center reservoir clean for the next use.

    Standard Lid