Meet The Maker

Hello and welcome to Simply Lit Fire Pots! We are Brian and Sarah Evans who are the owners and creators of Simply Lit Fire Pots.

What started as a neat idea to make a concrete fire pot that burns using only rubbing alcohol for us to enjoy in our backyard, quickly became something more when our friends and family started asking us to make one for them, too. Fast forward to now and we are so excited to have Simply Lit Fire Pots selling locally and across the country.

What makes it so SIMPLE? Our fire pots burn using only isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) that anyone can pick up from their local grocery store or drug store. No pellets, special fuel, or wood is needed. Simply, rubbing alcohol from your local store of choice.

Our fire pots are most commonly used as a tabletop fire pot to create ambiance and relaxation of a fire without all the preparation and cleanup of a traditional fire/fire pit.

When we started making Simply Lit Fire Pots last year, our heart was for people to enjoy the light and simplicity of Simply Lit Fire Pots wherever they are! It was designed to be used as an outdoor product that is versatile and portable for anyone. Whether it’s for your back patio, a camping trip or time at the lake, the possibilities are endless!

Since our fire pots burn using only rubbing alcohol, it results in a very clean fire that is simple to use.

We are honored to be creating a handmade product for you and your loved ones to make memories around and enjoy spending quality time together.